Surfbikini, a place to enable your dreams

Established 2013 by a young Dutch girl, named Alexandra.
She grew up in Holland where she followed the usual path of life up to high school, finishing a Masters degree in Neuroscience at the Amsterdam University. The more she grew up the more she felt there was more to experience than regular life. Since high school she traveled Australia to catch her first wave. A few years later she returned and lived at Bondi beach for a while. Back in Holland she created her own home in Scheveningen; a small coastal village closest to a place where you can sense freedom, possibilities of an alternative way of living other than societies’ expectations. She got into surfing and yoga, and discovered nature in Java, Bali, Thailand, New Zealand, Fiji, Costa Rica and Panama. For some of you it will probably sound familiar. For her there was no way back to ‘normal’ life.
She sets foot on ground in Nicaragua in 2014 and felt another home. One year later, Playa Maderas, Nicaragua is where she settled down. She built her own house on the top of a dune, viewing the ocean to give expression to the feeling: “nothing is impossible”, thus creating her own dream.

Why Surfbikini(s)

Along the way she met and lived with a lot of surfers, yogis, travelers who inspired her to express and share her world and dreams with others, and to support them in enabling their own dreams. From this vision, Surfbikini has originated: a meeting place for dressing dreams & travelers’ experiences. With friends all over the world she collected nothing but the best nature offers for surfers, yogis, travelers and beach addicts. the products she collected where characterized by being super fashionable, and suitable to withstand the most challenging surf, yoga and beach conditions. Products to be designed and tested by real surfistas and yogis who travel the world, sharing the dream of personal freedom and unspoiled nature. Nothing should be in the way of your perfect surf, your most personal moment, your stilled asana; your envisioned dream.

After 2 years, rather than being only Dutch, she felt like a citizen of more than only one country, a citizen of the beach, the jungle and the ocean. She is living now her own dream in Nicaragua and tries to encourage others to do the same: to tune in on themselves, on nature, and encourages them to create the life they desire most.

For this she created a resting place in Nicaragua in her own built house on the top of the dune with view on the ocean and a daily choir of  ‘singing’ monkeys saluting every dawn and dusk. Presently she teaches yoga to travelers from all over the world in Maderas Village, while hosting bead & breakfast to surfistas, yogis and travelers in her own Art & Surf Beach house in San Juan del Sur (Nic).

Due to her fabulous energy and irresistible dream Surfbikini was founded and gained followers throughout Europe, USA and other parts of the globe: Surfbikini around the globe

Yet, she understood encouraging a dream and fulfilling customer demands are different skills (Trustpilot). Therefore she handed over the future of her own enterprise to a dedicated Team Surfbikini, while watching and commenting from abroad her initial footprint.

That’s what Team Surfbikini since does: collecting upcoming brands with the combination of Functional + Flirty to encourage and facilitate the dreams of surfistas, yogis & travelers all over the world. The goal of this team: “we want nothing but happy customers”

Have a great day!



Alexandra About Surfbikini