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A loose cropped shirt under my woolen cardigan and bare feet tucked away under a scarf, soaking up the spring sun withstanding Dutch cold temperatures. Who am I kidding to say I’m only half ready to go back to my adopted home Nicaragua? As owner of I’d like to share my adventures with you. Cause […]

The reality of living abroad

I’m sure some of you play with the idea sometimes. To escape. Go back to that paradise you spent your last holidays, sipping on coconuts, tropical surf, where time was endless. Maybe leave an office job behind that doesn’t make you too happy anymore. At least leave the cold. This is for the wanderlusters, the […]

Maybe we are never supposed to arrive

Never supposed to arrive

It’s a bit after 5 in the morning. I just woke up and sleepily dragged myself out of my bed, into a hammock outside to slowly start my day. I’m overlooking a beautiful silent lake, with the yellow sky above it revealing that the sun is doing its best to break through the clouds for […]

Girls in Business: Meet the owner / designer of Sensi Bikinis

You wonder how they do it.. women who make a living out of living the dream. KiteSista wrote about Girls in Business, and met Sensi Graves: professional kite surfster and owner and designster of Sensi Graves Biknis. Although 3 years old, read Sensis thoughts on her business at the time it just started, knowing that […]

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