European site online!

Dear surfer girls,

Only three months ago the online shop was launched. An idea that was created in response to a surf trip to Panama: It was so hard to find a fashionable bikini in Europe that would stay on during surfing, that we decided to start selling them ourselves. The online shop was launched in The Netherlands, but very soon customers from Germany, France, Slovenia and other countries started to buy as well. To provide these customers with the best possible service, and to be able to provide more European surfer girls with bikinis that enables them to surf without any worries, we started an European online shop.

Very proudly we can now announce that our brand new site have just gone in the air..! With more bikinis than before, but other products as well. Surf rashguards and even surf leggings!

Enjoy your stay and make the most of your surfing by wearing these incredibly comfy products… nothing beats that feeling of freedom that surfing in a bikini creates!

Warm regards,


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