Cropped rashguards: just sexy or functional too?

Cropped rashguard

We’ve been seeing them for a while now and maybe you’ve spotted them already at the beaches on your trip last winter: the long sleeve, cropped rashguards. Boy, do they look hot! But it sure isn’t only for the looks that we like them so much. Here in Nicaragua, nowadays the home of Surfbikini, they definitely come in handy too.

Here are the 3 main reasons why:

-Protection from the wind. Not many people have heard yet of Nicaragua as a great surf destination, but here’s a secret: we’ve got offshore wind nearly 365 days a year. Sometimes this functions as a sweet cooling breeze, but there are days where the wind is cold, cools down the water and makes you want a little protection for these chilly elements. A slight protection on the arms and chest does the trick to keep a comfortable temperature.

-Protection from the sun. Don’t we all like that golden summer tan?! Yes, but at the same time, awareness has grown about the negative effects on our skin. So where lies the right balance? This rashguard will keep you exactly covered where the sun burns the most, on the shoulders, while still exposing your back for a little bronze. This rashguard makes you look stunning in and out of the water.

-Protection from jellyfish. Yep, you probably all know them. They’re so small you don’t even see them, but sure you feel them when they get you! Luckily the red marks usually disappear after a few hours, but still, grabbing right into a jelly while paddling for your wave of the day ain’t a fun distraction. They usually only get you on the arms while paddling, or on your legs while waiting for a new set to come. A long sleeve, cropped rashguard keeps you mostly shielded from their mean tentacles.

Basically, with the cropped rashguard you protect just what you need to protect, while keeping the rest of your upper body uncovered. Whereas a normal rashguard sometimes roles up your skin, our cropped rashguards all have a string at the bottom that you can tie at your chest. This way it stays perfectly in place, giving you exactly the minimal coverage you need. Cause lets be honest, isn’t it the best feeling of freedom when it’s finally time to take that wetsuit off and enjoy the warm waters?

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