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Blog selling bikinis & wonderlust

A loose cropped shirt under my woolen cardigan and bare feet tucked away under a scarf, soaking up the spring sun withstanding Dutch cold temperatures. Who am I kidding to say I’m only half ready to go back to my adopted home Nicaragua?

As owner of I’d like to share my adventures with you. Cause we don’t only sell you bikinis, we secretely hope to sell you a little bit of wanderlust as well, a small ache for exploring, a swift memory of Indian summers. Those feelings of freedom that fill up your soul when you’re stubbornly soaking up the first spring sun wearing a thick winter jacket but barefoot already. Ready to run into new adventures.

And to not only sell an empty package, I’m happily living those sensations myself.

Already over a year ago, I traded The Netherlands for Playa Maderas, Nicaragua. A first happy-go-lucky half year of early morning yoga on the beach, sandy toes & straw hair, and days scheduled around the tides, followed by a tough half a year of building my dream house. Dust, dirt, always in a hurry and.. surf & yoga, what is that again?

Playa Maderas, Nicaragua

Dkoko Roots top Black + Dkoko Sexy Surf bottom Fauna

When that was finally done, I took a 3 week holiday back home, soaking up love and laughter from family & friends. Enjoying 3 weeks of cleanliness, high heels and smooth hair, an abundance of delicious foods and even rarer.. abundance of water and electricity. The only thing lacking was time and words to explain the paradox I’m living on the other side of the ocean.

So I decided to write a weekly blog to keep up with all the adventures happening abroad. Read along with my weekly diary, as I’m about to submerge myself back into a free-spirited life of surf, yoga, sun, hitchhiking, pick-up trucks, barefoot journeys, stargazing at night and every now and then some (pool)partying.

Next week: Rainy season started; a natural pool inside the house

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