Why wearing Surf leggings?

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Surf leggings … never heard of it before? It’s a trend that came over from America and is not about to dissapear anytime soon! They’re designed as a protection against nasty sun burns, but are functional on way more levels! No need to worry about losing your pants, without having to wear a steamy hot wetsuit when the sun is out, and quickly to pull on and off instead of monkey about with a whole suit. But actually.. you might as well just keep them on all day.[/vc_column_text][lookbook_mixed columns=”2″ title=”Surfing, Yoga, Traveling & Running” bg_image=”13193″ ids=”13157,13174,13198,9168,9164,9472,8572,8576,10980,8580,10781,11369,11373″]

Surf leggings are super comfy and look great. Besides, they’re perfect for surfing, but are excellent for yoga (no, they’re not too slippery for balancing poses) or running as well! And with an eye on convenience, most leggings contain a stash pocket for your key. We started with 1 brand representing this trend, but by now we’re selling surf leggings of multiple brands; Dkoko, Seea, Sensi Graves, Monique Rotteveel ® and Zealous. A brand portfolio that takes you from Italian fashion, to Dutch design, to basic wear, to exotic Costa Rican prints.

Since working and surfing under the tropical sun is extremely taxing on our skin, brand owners ended up designing pairs of surf leggings to protect their pins while ‘hard at work’ on boats and beaches in the surf scenes. Not content with the Grandma-esque or Olympic athlete styles that were on offer at the time, these designsters wanted to bring more individuality into the lineup, a reflection of our own personality and surf style rather than product of the mass-produced-machine. Cause after all: ‘We aim to pull into barrels, not worry about our pants pulling down’. And let’s face it: no-one looks good with Melanoma.

Dkoko Surfbikini


Check out all the leggings that we have in our collection.. each legging is unique with their own print!

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