Dkoko-tropical surf life. Inspired by the Costa Rican beach lifestyle and surfing. This bikini brand is created by Costa Rican surfer girls for all women that enjoy the beach, sports, outdoor activities and contact with nature. For Dkoko girls, swimwear is the most important piece in the wardrobe. Doesn’t matter if they are going to the beach to surf, tan or have a good time with friends; there is a perfect Dkoko bikini for each occasion. Its for this reason that the bikinis in their collection are specially designed for girls that go surfing and practicing other sports, but meanwhile for girls that just want to look good and trendy. Their mission is to offer trendy products to enjoy the beach that make women look good and sexy.

Interview Dkoko designer, Michelle Rodriquez: “A bikini a day”.

Her favorite bikini: Sexy surf bottom and Sexy surf top.

Doko 2017 on surfbikini,eu

It's all about the smile in your heart and the feeling of enabling your dream.

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