Privacy Statement

Brief summary

According to the rules of the European Data Protection Board, established on  May 25, 2018 Surfbikini has updated and installed  its new privacy policy. Our customers have the right to be protected and informed about personal data Surfbikini collects and uses for which purposes.

Any time, any individual customer can request insight in their own personal data, which Surfbikini collects. We collect personal data for 3 purposes:

  1. To be able to fulfil customers purchase.
  2. For direct communication & marketing.
  3. Tax legislation

Surfbikini will never sell these personal data to commercial 3rd parties. We only share it, if necessarily required, for a seamless operation. In other cases, like the use of cookies, we offer customers pro-active the possibility to turn them down.

Surfbikinis internal ethical code says:

The personal data we collect, has been provided voluntarily and therefore belongs to the customer. Surbikini is obligated to protect and process these data in a well secured technical, organizational and operational environment.

This code joins Surfbikinis aim: Enable your dream!

Detailed privacy statement

Used personal data

Surfbikini uses your personal data for the services and purchases you’ve asked Surfbikini to fulfil. You provided Surfbikini knowingly with this personal data by correspondence mail, filling in our online forms or in our checkout procedure in case of a purchase. Most of the personal data we ask for are required in order to fulfil your (payed) demand. We make clear in our procedures which information/data are required and which are not. Some personal information/data we ask for, are additional to us for a better understanding of your (future) demands and wishes. These kind of additional information/data are not required for primarily use of fulfilling our obligation you’ve payed for. They serve the purpose of ‘better understanding’. We will always ask you in advance to provide us with these additional information/data. It’s your own choice knowingly to do so or not. Surfbikini provides you a clear, easy and seamless online procedure to accept, reject or adapt.

Surfbikini is able to use and process following data we ask you to provide us:

  1. first name and family name (required for purchases)
  2. billing and shipping address
  3. phone number
  4. mail address
  5. IP-address (not knowingly provided…)

Why does Surfbikini need this personal data

Surfbikini uses this needed information to be able:

  1. to have direct contact and inform you by phone or mail regarding questions you ask to us
  2. to execute your purchase, which you payed for and asked us to deliver
  3. to inform you pro-active about possible unforeseen problems, which might occur with delivery

Storage duration of personal data

Surfbikini doesn’t store your personal data any longer then required to fulfil our commitments and obligations to you as customer. This means in general a storage with a maximum of 12 months after having had contact in any way whatsoever, unless:

  1. you provided Surfbikini pro-active the permission to store your personal data for a longer period of time
  2. Surfbikini is bound by Tax- and Legal legislation to submit your personnel data from our records to government agencies according to their rules and legislation. In these cases, Surfbikini takes no  responsibility whatsoever for any violation of privacy rules and/or consequences

We store your personal data for 7 years to comply to dutch tax regulations. If you wish to be removed from our website, then please fill in a request and send us a email.

Sharing of personal data

Surfbikini will never sell your personal data to 3rd parties. We only share this information and give access to partners of Surfbikini who are (partly) responsible for a seamless execution of our technical, organizational,  commercial operation and legislation. With each of these partners Surfbikini has a legal contract in which o.a. they commit themselves to privacy legislation AND to Surfbikinis own ethical code (see ‘brief summary’).

With whom does Surfbikini shares personal data

Surfbikini shares information with, e.g. gives acces  to selected partners. They are part of our operations and supply chain. they are bound to strict rules of privacy, recorded in mutually signed contracts based o.a. on European legislation. These partners operate in fields of:


  1. Development & maintenance of our online tools and –communication
  2. Payment providers for financial handling of purchases via Credit Cards, Paypal and Banking
  3. logistics for delivering purchased items to our customers
  4. Marketing to help us improving our services, sales and findability in search engines
  5. Accountancy for tax purposes
  6. (on demand) European and Dutch authorities and governmental agencies, based on legislation

Passive (known):

  1. Google
  2. Social media & plugin distributors

Surfbikini itself has 2 owners, both are fully authorised to have access to all data, information and communication. Besides the 2 owners there are multiple contributors, representatives and co-workers. None of them have access, nor insight to a complete personal profile of an individual customer.

Tracking visitor behaviour on

On Surfbikini we collect general data about the behaviour of our vistors. Surfbikini for example collects your IP-address, visiting hours and data your own online device sends to us. This information is wherever possible anonymous and therefore not traceable to a visitor in person. E.g. Surfbikini can analyse with this information how long a vistor stays on our website, how many pages a visitor sees, what our favourite bikinis are etc. We CAN NOT combine this information with an individual customer profile, nor will Surfbikini share this information with any other 3rd party for (commercial) purposes, other than exclusively for improving services and sales on Surfbikini only.

We use this behaviouristic information only for improving our website and bikini collection and for upgrading our services to our visitors and customers.

Google Analytics

Surfbikini uses Google Analytics in order to understand how visitors make use of our website, to improve our services, to find out how popular we are in search engines and learn about the effectiveness of our advertisements. With this information we are able to make Surfbikini more attractive to our visitors and customers. And that’s what we would like to do!

This information, including your IP-address, is stored by Google on their servers in the USA. Websites can not ignore the role of Google on the internet. If they do so, they will be ‘punished’ be not being found. Surfbikini also has to itself adapt to this informal rule and act accordingly.

Google uses this information for multiple purposes:

  1. Deporting Surfbikini about general surf behaviour and origin of (anonymous) visitors and effectiveness of our Ad campaigns
  2. Reporting all professional and commercial advertisers on Google about effectiveness of their campaigns, based on composed results of all their individual users like Surfbikini
  3. (On demand) distributing their data and information to governmental agencies, if bounded by laws of legislation and 3rd parties in so far they process data and information on behalf of Google. Please note: Surfbikini has no influence whatsoever on Google’s legal obligations or cooperation’s

Surfbikini didn’t authorize Google to use or share Surfbikinis data, stored in Google Analytics, for other Google services than Google Analytics.

Read more about privacy policy Google

Personal Insight in data stored by Surfbikini

All personal data and information about you as individual in Surfbikinis database are retrievable. Any time, any individual customer can request this information for purposes of insight, correcting or permanent removal from our database. Surfbikini is obligated to fulfil your request at the latest within 4 weeks. Send an email to


Surfbikini is obliged and feels responsible to take any possible measure to protect your personal information from violating, loss, publication or abuse. Surfbikini pays for  a reliable hosting partner in order to secure your privacy in our database with a SSL-certificate.

Please note: if you are surfing on our website you’ll recognize our secure SSl-link by a green key lock in your browser. If not close your browser immediately. If you doubt about any security, please  inform Surbikini directly about this potential hazard for you and other visitors:

Company information

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